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Do I need a data platform?

Do I need a server?

A. Sensor <-> B. Gateway <-> C. Internet <->D. Server<-> [Dashboard/information]

In the end you need A, B, C and D to have the full chain working.

You can choose to get the raw data through the Things Network (TTN). This way you need a server. Servers are a service that are to be hired with monthly or annual fee. If you already have one, just push the data to yours.

The data limit of the server should not be a concern. The data packet size is around 150bytes /per sensor/per 5minutes.

As said in an earlier blog: you can also choose for a subscription on a dashboard. This way you don’t need a server nor gateway. Here you can also download stored data and transform it into data you prefer to see (summarized or combined to your own data).

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