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How do I get my data?

How does the data communication work?


How does the data communication work?

The Disdro has only one method of data communication, LoRa RadioFrequency.

LoRa gateway

there are two ways to get your data.

One is by taking a subscription on a dashboard that includes a LoRa Gateway and platform. This is the easiest. Just login and you see your data in a graph and download them to your laptop.

The second one is joining the Things Network (TTN). In principle you don't need to buy a LoRa gateway. Sometimes the distance to a gateway can be too long to get connection. And yes, it's the best to have a gateway nearby your sensor. So then buy one yourself.

There are some alternatives on gateways from 200€ (they are getting cheaper and cheaper). Be aware that it needs to be a (10 + 1) channel.

If you have internet ‘onboard’ you do not need 4G internet access.

4G is an option that we already used for some projects where no local internet access is available. For this option we normally search for a reliable provider where it needs to be functional in the specific country.

There are different gateways that can work on 868Mhz frequency LoRaWan (Europe).

Most gateways push the data to internet through wifi or LAN cable. Some Gateways can send the data through 4G (simcard).

There are gateways that can work on different frequencies LoRaWan. For instance 915Mhz (Canada) or 923 Mhz (Australia). We will customize the disdro to the needed frequency.

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