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Measure rain with a network of disdro's

The question is the number of disdro's needed

This was a question coming from Texas and in Texas everything is large. We're talking here about 4 areas of 65 ha.

The optimal density of raingauges is, strangely enough, an unresolved question. In the USA, NEXRAD provides nationwide coverage but these need to be ground adjusted. Especially when it comes to convective storms, as in Texas, spatial variability can be enormous.

We provide Disdro's for a project in the savanna region of Ghana and there a nested "mill-game"grid is used with 33 gauges in a 10kmx10km area. There, convective storms are also the main rainfall bringing mechanism. In a way, our technical solution is relatively cost efficient for such dense measurements.

For the example in Texas, a 400 m center pivot in each ¼ section (65 ha) is used for irrigation, the disdro's should be placed outside the range of the pivot. And one on top of the pivot itself.

This way the number of disdro’s can be reduced.

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