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Tropical Rain

is the Disdro able to measure intense tropical rain?

What is the max rain intensity the Disdro can measure?

It's 60 mm every 5 minutes or 720 mm per hour.

To compare:

  • In the Netherlands the record of rain intensity is about 130 mm/hr. A cloudburst is a heavy shower in which 25 millimetres or more falls in one hour, or at least 10 millimetres in five minutes.
  • most showers at home uses 10 litres per minute. About 1 m² at the bottom conform the definition of rainfall. That is, if you convert it, 10 mm per m², but in 1 minute. So a shower corresponds to a rain shower of 600 mm per hour.
  • If you use a tipping bucket with a high resolution (0.2 mm) then it taps once every 10 seconds at a ridiculously high intensity of 100 mm/hour.
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